ClinicAll launches an ICO in the healthcare section

A new project in the healthcare industry bringing digitization to the modern hospital improves the workflow for doctors and the comfort of patients

Today, technology finds its place in every part of our daily lives and this tendency is only picking up pace.

Healthcare is not an exception. Medical technology is developing at a rapid pace, with advancements in diagnostics, treatment methods, after treatments, preventative treatments, and with the ever-increasing number of revolutionary new hospital equipment.

However, along with these advantages comes greater complexity of data management, administration and logistics. Medical institutions are still using outdated analogue, paper-based administration and many of their older digital data systems are inefficient. This takes up an enormous time and effort from the hospital staff, thereby conflicting with their duties related to the well being of the patients.

ClinicAll – bringing healthcare to the future

Since its establishment in 2008, the ClinicAll international corporation has been pursuing their ultimate mission – to bring the healthcare industry to the future by introducing the advantages of our vast technological advancements to clinics and hospitals. The company has been actively developing software solutions to provide bedside patient services and solutions for hospitals in achieving their goal of digitalization of data and the more efficient delivery of services. ClinicAll software enabled systems have successfully been in operation for 10 years in over 10 countries on 3 continents.

The ClinicAll software for hospitals

The ClinicAll software can be used directly at the point of care, at the patient“s bedside, providing doctors and medical staff with a fully-fledged interface for the hospital information system. The communication paths are simplified, allowing diagnosis, radiographs or treatment plans to be shown and explained to patients directly.

The ClinicAll bedside terminals

Bedside terminals allow for the transmission of data between the patient and the hospital staff, while giving the patient control over many other functions similar to a smart room control system.

The advantages of bedside terminals are stunning. Not only do they greatly improve the patient“s comfort in hospitals, but they also improve the monitoring of patients, which can potentially save lives.

The ClinicAll health community

The ClinicAll Health Community will be a cross-border service based on a blockchain backbone, accessible by anyone through the ClinicAll app for free. The goal is to make healthcare services and products available to the public beyond the hospital environment.

Powered by blockchain

By using blockchain technology, ClinicAll provides a high level of security, reliability and transparency inside and outside the hospital environment. The company intends to initially introduce blockchain for payments and data transfer inside the hospital environment, thereby increasing the efficiency of processes inside the hospital and relieving the staff from administrative and other tasks unrelated to the patients well being:

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